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Educational Resources

             Dr. Brown enjoys teaching and having thought-provoking conversations with well-informed patients about their care.

             Below you'll find some links to keep you in control of your health. We also have several handouts and information sheets at our office and will soon be starting a lending library for more in-depth research. Of course, every case is different, so if you have questions, ask!

General Medical Information on Common Conditions

             Information from your Family Doctor

                          Learn about hypertension or diabetes, or how to care for a cold                           and avoid an office visit.

Special Information for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women


                          Great resource for expectant and new parents. Be sure to sign                           up for the “week by week” mailing list to follow your pregnancy                           or baby’s development and learn how best to care for the                                  unique problems that arise at different times.

             La Leche League

                          Breastfeeding is widely recognized as the best way to support a                           baby’s nutritional, immune system, and developmental needs,                           but it can be challenging at times. Be sure to review the                                     questions and guidance sections for tips and tricks to make this                           experience rewarding for both you and your baby.

             Lact Med

                          Doctors and pharmacists don’t always receive extensive                                    training in scientifically assessing the risks and benefits of                                 medicines in   breastfeeding women, too often relying on a “gut                           feeling,” or refusing to prescribe needed medications due to                              perceived (but nonexistent) risk. This easily searchable                                      database run by the National Institutes of Health summarizes                           the actual research on a wide variety of medications to help you                           and your doctor make the best decisions for you and your baby.                           (I highly recommend you share this information with your                                   doctor! -Dr. Brown)

Professional Journal and Research Databases

             Pub Med

                          PubMed, also run by the NIH, allows searching for all current                           medical research articles and publications. For the first time in                           history, community physicians and patients have immediate                              access to the same information previously limited to academic                           specialists. This database is very technical, but if you have a                           complex or controversial problem, the resources found here                              can help you start a dialogue with your treatment team.


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